2018 U.S. Women's Amateur Supporters

Countdown to the 2018 U.S. Women's Amateur Championship

U.S. Women’s Amateur Championship Nashville, INC.

The U.S. Women’s Amateur Championship Nashville, Inc. is a 501c-3 created to host one of the USGA’s oldest and most-prestigious amateur events. Its board of directors is led by Co-Chairs, Julie Frist, Lucianne Wilt, and Sarah Ingram, the runner-up in the 1997 championship at San Diego Country Club. The Board of Directors and its diverse group of members plays a huge role in the ability to host a successful Championship.

Board of Directors:

Julie Frist, Board Co-Chair

Sarah Ingram, Board Co-Chair

Lucianne Wilt, Board Co-Chair

David Anderson

Grace Awh, Fundraising Committee Co-Chair

Tom Brandstater, Fundraising Committee Co-Chair

Wells Fargo Advisors

Benjamin Goldberg, Hospitality Committee Chair

Strategic Hospitality

Christine Karbowiak

Bridgestone Americas

Jim Murphy, Legal Committee Chair

Brandley Arant Boult Cummings

Ronald Roberts

DVL Seigenthaler

Claire Tucker, Finance Committee Chair

CapStar Bank

Nicholas Zeppos

Vanderbilt University


The Fundraising Committee, led by Grace Awh and Tom Brandstater, would like to thank our Sponsors and those who have given in support of the 2018 US Women’s Amateur Championship. The success of this event relies on the generosity of those companies and individuals who have contributed. For more information on how you can support the championship, please contact David Hardwick at [email protected]


Sarah and David Ingram


Franklin American Mortgage Company

Vanderbilt University

Collie and Greg Daily

Julie and Tommy Frist

Christi and Jay Turner

The Wilt Family

Christie Cookies


Delta Dental

Ingram Industries

Chancellor Nick Zeppos

Mac Crawford


Pinnacle Financial Partners

H.G. Hill Realty Company

Discovery Land Property


Cassie and Charles Kelley

Samuels Family Fund

Stillwater Family Holdings


Brasfield and Gorrie

Enterprise Electric

Equitable Trust

Stephanie and Forrest Conner

Ms. Ellen Martin

Brown Advisory


Grace and Carl Awh

Lisa and Stuart Smith

Sarah and Craig Perry


CapStar Bank

2018 Club:

The Twenty18 Club consists of members of the Golf Club of Tennessee that have contributed to the Championship. We are so grateful to our members that have generously given to help make this event a success!

Linda and David Anderson

Penny and Craig Andrews

William Andrews

Grace and Carl Awh

Jodi and Mark Banks

Tom Bannen

Mary and Lee Barfield

Judith Liff and Joseph Barker

Jennifer and Jim Barrier

Kathy and William Beach

Wendy and Tom Beasley

Carolyn and James L. Beckner

Evelyn and Stephen Blackmon

Raymond Bluth

Debra and Roger Bonau

Rhonda and Doug Brandon

Jan and Jim Brannen

Martin Brown

Jennifer and Roger Brown

Vonde and Jim Caden

Andrea and Rick Carlton

Mary Beth and Jay Chawan

Ellen and Chip Christianson

Barbara and W. Michael Clevy

Karen & Rob Cohen

Stephanie and Forrest Conner

Hillary and Ed Cooper

Barbara and Ron Cooper

Janet and Stephen Crabtree

Linda and Mac Crawford

Kristen and Jonathan Crawford

Heard and David Critchlow

Joy and Dan Crockett

Angel and Steve Cropper

Agneta and Brownlee Currey

Collie and Greg Daily

Margie and Albert Dale

Suann and Ralph Davis

Kelly and Dan Decker

Laura and Land Deleot

Elizabeth & Bob Dennis

Betty and Marty Dickens

Nicole and Dan Doyle

Dan Dummermuth

Buddy Enoch

Jeff Ervin

Laurie and Steve Eskind

Laura and Nino Fanlo

Kay & Richard Francis

Julie and Tommy Frist

Terri and Robert Frost

Angela and Joe Gaskins

Lorelee and John Gawaluck

Amy Grant and Vince Gill

Cynthia and Mike Hackett

Mindy and Tim Harvey

Elizabeth and William Hawkins

Glenna and Sam Hazen

Bill Hearn (member passed away Dec 2017)

Jill and Ben Heavrin

Joellyn and Eric Helman

Terri and Bob Hensley

Kelly and Taylor Hillenmeyer

Ellie and Drew Holcomb

Meredith and Jay Holloman

Margaret and Andy Howell

Don Hurwitz

Stephanie and John Ingram

Martha Ingram

Sarah and David Ingram

Pamela and Bob Jackson

Catherine and Clay Jackson

Kimberly and Lawrence Jackson

Dona and Hal Johnson

Whitney and J.W. Johnson

Denice and Milton R. Johnson

Bratschi and Crews Johnston

Harriet and Brad Karro

Grace Keeble

Judy Keener

Cassie and Charles Kelley

Laura and TK Kimbrell

Janice and Paul Korth

Greg Lanford

Gill LeBrun

Nina and Mike Lindley

Carolyn and Fred Loeffel

Alicia and Robert Loudermilk

Amy and George Lynch

Amanda and Toby McKeehan


Dorothy and Ken Maloy

Tina and Steve Mann

Julie and Dennis Marr

Betsy and Tom Matlock

Carla and Paul McCombs

Monica and Alec McDougall

Leigh Anne and Stuart McWhorter

Lynn and Ken Melkus

Kelly and Martin Metz

Margaret and John Montgomery

Laura & Steve Morrisey

Angela and Chase Myers

Carla and David Myers

Nan and William Nagle

Brian Newman

Melinda and Mike Nixon

Carolyne and William C. O’Neil

Cynthia and Buddy Ortale

Roberta and Wayne Pace

David Parkes

Terri and Mike Patton

Sara and Craig Perry

Marian Ott and Craig Phillip

Sue and Gary Pinsly

Noel and Richard Pinson

Kimberly and Jim Poole

Katie & Forrest Porterfield

Karen and Paul Pratt

Sandra and Tom Provow

Brenda & Colin Reed

Rachael and Charles Richardson

Linnea and George Roberts

Courtney and Brad Rosenblum

Stacy and Jeff Rothenberger

Helen & Rod Roudi

Julia Lynn and Ron Samuels

Mary Dessie & Brady Savell

Chris Anne and David Sciortino,

Peggy & Tony Sciotto

Lori and Richard Scott

Laurie and James Seabury

Mary Beth and Harry Shields

Lynette and Martin Silverman

Lisa and Stuart Smith

Mandy and Brandt Snedeker

Amy and Haymes Snedeker

Ynell and Brent Songstad

Barbara and Larry Speller

Mark Tarver

Jennifer & Rob Talbott​

Lynn and Richard Terry

Pamela Jane and Phillip Trella

Claire Tucker

Carmen and Dwayne Tucker

Christi and Jay Turner

Cal Turner

Barbara and Rick Turner

Kristy and G.G. Waggoner

Anne B. (Mimi) Wallace

Beth and Dudley Warner

Dabney and Steven G. Waters

Christina and Brian White

Susan and Fred Williams

Dallas and Fleming Wilt

Lucianne and Toby Wilt

Valarie and Bob Wolcott

Janet and Alan Yuseph

Lydia and Nick Zeppos